Alzheimer - Dementia The picture is being realized.
It portrays the reality of ordinary human being and contrasts it with a person with dementia or someone with Alzheimer's or both.
This executive form originated from feeling and my personal experiences.
1st hatch
"Contact Moments"
bright moments,
of insights, feeling, feeling, scanning, etc
Moments where the image of Alzheimer Dementia 
does more than just being born in a form.
It is creating the connections 
feelings and emotions that go along with realities of life.
These forms arise from my contact with this material, from cloth, papier-mâché and plaster casts, but also at the same time the contact with my inner feeling.

""The white black photos in this series were taken by Tom Princen. 
To which my thanks go.""

The blur in the photos makes you feel like Dementia or Alzheimer's makes filters disappear...not just the literal view but much more than that.
This is a work in the making. These recordings were taken at the end of February 2020, a year later than January 10, 2019 ... in this I show how long I've been working.
The three below were captured by 
""Sylvie Hermans"" 
during a visit to the studio.... and living spaces....
They show how small the space is, and yet how many possibilities there are
Thank you for these recordings

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